Thursday, August 16, 2007

You will be proud of this African Parents Abroad

Dear Nigerian People Abroad,
About a year ago this Yoruba parents are struggling to have their 5year old then daughter speak and understand Yoruba. Today their daughter is a role model among other Yoruba Kids abroad. The technique they used in achieving this success in a very short time is uniquely packaged in an Interactive Software at They are also giving out 7 FREE Video of this software to a very limited number of people... click here to get yours now
Soji and Titi Oyenuga are successful Nigerian (Yoruba) parents living abroad. They have used the easy, fun and highly effective technique in this interactive software to train their six year old child to understand, speak, read and appreciate Yoruba Language, culture, ethics and mannerism in a very short time. They strongly believe that you and your Yoruba child(ren) abroad could be the next success story.
Please help spread the good news to all Nigerian Parents Abroad as Other languages are due for release very soon
Please Forward this email to as many people as you know
Soji Oyenuga

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